Based on the requirements of the customer, we design safe and economical structures.
We develop individual solutions - optimized, and with economical using of the existing stocks of materials of our clients.

The designs are based on the accepted rules of technology, taking into account the latest findings from the engineering and construction practices. Functionality, safety and ease of use are in the center of our planning.


The continuous analysis and review of the ultimate of stress in accordance with the international and german rules is an essential part of our processing.
We use modern programs for physically and geometrically linear and nonlinear analysis of spatial trusses, shells and solid models.


In drafting we attach particular importance to clarity, attention to detail, fit, intuitiveness and intelligibility. Depending on the specific project we create CAD drawings or three-dimensional models from which two-dimensional survey and shop drawings are derived. We supply parts lists and NC data for machine control.


Supervising of a correct and safe production of the planned structures on the site or in the workshop.


With the search for new knowledge, we conduct applied research. We work on publicly funded or privately funded research projects to find solutions to practical construction problems.